Complete change plan | Operations Management homework help

 Step 1) Review the following resources before creating the memo:

  • Week 5 Grading Rubric-Team
  • Memo Template & Format Guidelines
  • Guide to Peer-Reviewed References & APA Formatting
  • Responsibility Charting and AIDA Continuum Chart
  • Your team’s top selected strategy for the change initiative as well as the statement of the need for change and your vision for the change developed in Week 4. 

Step 2) Develop a Complete Change Plan for a change initiative that you want to make happen. Use facts from the case study scenario that your team selected in Week 4. The team may add no more than three facts or characters, or a combination of facts or characters to the case study to assist in fleshing out the development of the Complete Change Plan. 

Step 3) Prepare a memo of at least 250-300 words written in the third person voice to address the following issues. You must address the following topics below using the section headers (labels) in bold:

  • Section 16- Who Handles Details (<- Use this section header) – In this section, the learning team answers who will make the innumerable decisions required to handle the details.
  • Section 17- Who Provides Information to Impacted People (<- Use this section header) – In this section, the learning team shares who will provide information to those affected.
  • Section 18- How Change is Communicated (<- Use this section header) – In this section, the learning team explains how the change will be communicated to organizational members.
  • Section 19- References  (<– this is a section header) – have at least 1 peer-reviewed sources in addition to the Organizational Change text, for a total of 1 peer-reviewed/scholarly references in APA format (with authors and dates). The references are incorporated throughout the memo with correct APA in-text citations.

Step 4) Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.

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