compare each computer, including specifications such as cost,

Faisal Advanced Features in Microsoft Word 2013 Use the Internet to research a desktop PC, a laptop, and a tablet. Prepare a report using Microsoft word 2013 to compare each computer, including specifications such as cost, features, and computing power. In addition mention at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each type of computer. The report should contain the following: Component Description Margins Margins of 1” from all four side (top, bottom, left, right) Title Page Create a title page on a separate page at the beginning of the document that includes the title of your report, an appropriate subtitle, your name, and the current date. Center the information and space it attractively on the page. Title Style Format the title of your document with the Title style. Heading 1 Style Apply the Heading 1 style to all the first level headings in your report (for example, “Introduction”). Heading 2 and 3 Styles Apply Heading 2 and 3 styles, where needed to all the sub headings and sub-sub headings in your report. Footer Insert a footer that will appear on every page in the document except the first page (the title page). Include the page number at the right margin. Hint: Click the Different First Page box to select it so that the footer does not appear on the first page. Symbols In the footer, enter the copyright symbol © at the left margin followed by a space and your name. Indents Include one paragraph of text that is indented by 1”. Citations In appropriate areas of the report, include at least two citations to reference materials you have consulted to write the report. You can include citations to books, Web sites, articles, etc. Footnotes Include at least two footnotes to provide additional information to supplement your text or to provide a reference source. Pictures Include at least two pictures in your report for each type of computer. You can insert a picture from Word’s clip gallery, or you can insert one of your own…

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