Compare And Contrast The Renassiance Period With The Gothic Period In APA Format

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compare and contrast artifacts from two different cultural groups or historical periods. Go back and review from your Week One through Week Five readings and find two different periods in history or two cultural groups in history that intrigues you, for example, Mesopotamia/Ancient Chinese Tang dynasty or Gothic/Renaissance period. After you decide on the two groups or historical periods, choose two cultural artifacts from these two different groups that share a COMMON theme (SEE “Choice of themes” BELOW.) Make sure these artifacts were not discussed in the weekly discussion board assignments.This paper will be worth 70 points or 7 % of your final course grade. The paper should be at least 300 words long and should be written in paragraph form.Please include the word count at the bottom of the response. In Microsoft Word, go to Tools>Word Count to count the total of your essay. At the bottom of your essay place something like this (300 words). If you cannot locate enough information to meet the word count, try going beyond the textbook to include a cited web source such as “” Do not use Wikipedia.Use these headings:Description of ArtifactsMakers of ArtifactsConnections by ThemeBibliography2. Description of Artifacts: Describe each artifact in detail, first one and then, transition to the other artifact. Be sure to include…dates of completion, where it is located in the textbook page and location of museum where it is housed or geographical location if it is architecture for example; materials used in construction; size, function, etc. (review Weeks 2 -3 WAAC paper instructions for which description details to include for each artifact)3. Makers of Artifacts: Give some background information on the group of people or person responsible for the construction of these artifacts.4. Connections by Theme: Now connect the details of design and imagery represented on and in these two artifacts from two different cultural groups that carry some symbolism or information that connects the artifacts and groups through a common theme.HUMN101: Writing About Art and CultureChoice of themes: The themes can be about power, war, love, myth, ritual, religion, death, birth, dreams, nature, etc. Your choice of the two artifacts are broad and can be comparisons between different artifact categories including music, poetry, sculpture, literature, carvings, drawings, painting. You can compare art to music or architecture to poetry for example. Just make sure that the artifacts can be defined as cultural artifacts such as an art object, composition, writing, music, literature, crafted item created by a human that tells us something about that cultural group. The main task is to explore how the artifacts carry the same theme or themes. Carefully making notes of details…record all info under the caption of each image in the textbook.This paper should be 300 words or more.

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