Company Analysis Golden Pass LNG 3752 S Gulfway Dr Sabine Pass Texas 77655 Homework Help

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8 pages, APA style. No introduction or conclusion required. Business specific information and data for business analysis of company for MBA level report.

Company: Golden Pass LNG 3752 S. Gulfway Dr. Sabine Pass, Texas 77655

This paper is to address the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) division/industry

1. Industry, how long in industry

2. Company mission

a. business structure

3. Main product or service

4. Current operations, operating licenses and clients

a. operation capacity

b. facilities, equipment and operating assets

5. Past three (3) years of balance sheets, IRS/tax filings, SEC filings, State taxes or State regulation/business filings or any documents evidencing the finance/financial operations of the company

6. Future goals/plans of the business for the next 5-10 years

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