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Discussion #1: minimum 250 words and a minimum of 3 references 

Read the Ethical Connection on pages 577-78 in Lundy & Janes.  This data is from early 2000 in the Northwest USA.  Look at current Florida data at (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)

What approaches based on evidence could the community health nurse take to interact with this population of at-risk high school students to assist them to prevent HIV infection.  In your discussion include the ethical considerations/ implications that the community health nurse needs to include in the care provided to high school students in at-risk, abusive relationships. 

Part 2: Discussion #2: minimum of 150 words and 2 references 

This should be on it’s own page with references. 

You are a community nurse asked to provide an educational program on elder abuse at a senior center.  What information. Would you consider providing and why?  What community resources (in your own) would you share with the audience?  Are there legal requirements for reporting – describe what they are and who reports.  How would you provide the information in a non-threatening manner that is factual?  How would you provide a confidential environment if a woman approached to ask personal questions?

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