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Steve is a line manager for Anton Manufacturing Company. Anton specializes in manufacturing computer monitor components. Sixty days ago Anton received a contract from a local assembler of computer monitors who in turn supplies Dell Computer. Anton is a small company of about 50 employees. Dell Computer is exacting on the standards of its computer and monitors and it is essential that all components supplied to Dell comply.

Anton has completed two runs of components for the Dell supplier.

Anton also supplies components to a local computer specialty shop.

Steve was recently hired by Anton as his predecessor was fired for embezzling monitors. When Steve took over the assembly line was tooled to manufacture components for the local concern.

Steve was asked to change over the line and gear up for a run of the Dell components. Steve could not find an operations manual (none exists) and could not locate the specifications for the Dell components. A job this important requires his utmost attention. He is not sure what to do. Most of his line workers are Spanish speaking.

Communication channels are limited at Anton.

Write a 2-3 page Memo explaining to management the importance of organizational communication and specifically address the issues of barriers to communication, the communication process and diagram a model for communication at Anton.

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