Com 350 week 2 individual assignment characteristics that are common

Resources: The Research Process

Choose an organization with which you are familiar.

Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that describes the culture and common characteristics of the organization you have chosen, given your current understanding of the common characteristics of organizations presented in your readings from Week One and Two.

Cite at least two peer-reviewed references in addition to the text and be sure to address the following questions in your paper:

·How does your selected organization exhibit the common characteristics listed below?

oSystem (e.g., individual units, open, closed)

oRules/norms(e.g., written, unwritten, formal, informal)

oHierarchy (e.g., chain of command, supervisor, administrator, manager)

oCommunication networks (e.g., formal, informal)

oOrganizational orientation (e.g., achievement, dogmatism, authoritarianism)

oLeadership approaches (e.g., social, task, balanced)

oManagement communication/decision-making (e.g., tell, sell, consult, join)

·Which common characteristics (choose at least four) from those listed above are most influenced by communication within the organization?

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