College students and social change

Prompt and PDF for the text provided below. Must write a five page essay about one period about college students invoking social change. For example, you could write about the social change that African-Americans invoked when being the first student of color on campus and use different times that happened to help construct the essay. (If you do choose to go that route please include the Memphis State 8) The seven C’s the prompt is referring to are listed as followed:

i. Citizenship – Seeing oneself as part of a greater whole, engaged in community and aware of issues that affect the entire group.

i. Collaboration – The intent to work together and thus multiply effort, while also gaining multiple perspectives.

ii. Common Purpose – Sharing one vision, though individual connections to it may differ.

iii. Controversy with Civility – Purposeful conflict that ultimately promotes the group’s development and ability to achieve positive social change for all.

i. Consciousness of Self – One’s self-awareness, as shaped in part by the influence of others.

ii. Congruence – Fostering trust through authenticity; acting in accordance to one’s values.

iii. Commitment – Sense of responsibility as determined by passion and investment.

You can find more information about them throughout the PDF of the text provided. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks!

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