Cmgt 400 week 2 common information security threats

CMGT 400 Week 2 Common Information Security Threats

Intro to IA and Sec

Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper on at least three major information security threats that a specific organization you choose faces today.


·       Describe potential risks to the information and the related vulnerabilities within the organization. Identify the forces that drive each threat and the related vulnerabilities. 

·       Discuss how the values for threat and vulnerability combine to indicate the overall risk the organization faces. 

·       Describe how an organization can properly manage its information security efforts using proper risk management techniques and cost-benefit analyses for these information security efforts.

·       Explain the legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements for protecting data.



·       The paper must utilize proper APA format


·       The paper must include 2 – 3 references (at least one should be from the required\assigned reading)

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