Cjs 240 week 6 assignment corrections and treatment

CJS 240 Week 6 Assignment Corrections and Treatment

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in APA format summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community-based treatment programs. Include the following in your paper:o Community-based treatment

· Describe two or three community-based treatment efforts.

· Briefly explain the purpose and importance of the community-based treatment efforts you described.o Institutionalization· Describe two or three issues affecting institutionalized juveniles.

· Address why the juvenile justice system should be concerned with those issues.CJS 240 Introduction to Juvenile JusticeCourse Syllabus Page 15o Aftercare programs

· Describe two of the three Intensive Aftercare Programs (IAP) discussed in the text.

· Address the importance of aftercare programs.

· Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment

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