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Assignment #1

Read: Gabriel Gutiérrez, Latinos and Latinas at Risk, Preface through P. 53.

Respond to the “Further Investigations” questions on pp. 13, 26, and 53.

For each question in the Further Investigations Section, 1) respond with claims, 2) support the claims with evidence from the reading assignment, include in text citation (Author, Year of publication, Page #) and 3) provide analysis stating significance of your claim or otherwise elaborating on the point.

This assignment and others are in preparation for the larger requirements such as the Exams and Research Paper. They’re intended to introduce students to the evaluation rubric and format which will be uploaded next week. As we will see throughout the semester, evaluation will be based on those three criteria plus aligning the claims made to a thesis statement and conclusions. In the mean time, I want students to get used to the practice of making claims, providing evidence to support those claims, and providing analysis stating the significance of points made.

Please see PDF format book attached below. Thank you.

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