Chloroplast & photosynthesis | Science homework help

Directions: After you have read the lab chapter twice, answer the following questions:

Photosynthesis is the process of converting _____ to ______.

True/ False. Plants are the only organisms able to undergo photosynthesis.

True/ False. In order to undergo photosynthesis, an organism must contain chloroplasts.

Why are the leaves of most plants green? (Please be as specific as possible.)

What is the name of the hole in the leaf where gas exchange occurs? What is the name of the cells that surround this “hole” and control the aperture, or size, of the hole. Include the mechanism used by these cells to control the aperture




 Directions: Complete The Chloroplast and Photosynthesis in the lab manual. Scan all the completed pages and submit them as one file as directed below.





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