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Discussion 2:

This week we are going to look at the second learning objective where we identify and explain the multifaceted approaches that are beneficial in working with children. Additionally we will also look at the last learning objective where we look at the implementation challenges teachers, families, and practitioners have when implementing interventions. To demonstrate this we will take the topic of natural disasters and look at two YouTube videos. The first is a New Zealand/Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Awareness Video and it is found at

We will then go to Riku’s story He is from Japan and the translation does distract a bit so you will have to concentrate more on this. It is important to look at his face during the interview.

Using the information you gained from the reading this week as a guide, how would you design a program to help people in Earthquake /Tsunami and other natural disasters? I want you to specifically look at this from a child’s view, so school and peers will be important. We also have a number of great books on this in the AMU library- one is an actual toolkit of “How To” that you may find interesting as additional references.

400 Level Forum Grading Rubric


Possible points

Student points

Met initial post deadline (Wednesday)



Initial post is substantive



Initial post is at least 400 words



Initial post employs at least two citations; one can be text; other must be from an academic source




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