Case study: juan | Education homework help


Juan is a native Peruvian whose  academic achievement across the board was below expected grade levels  for first grade. Finally, this year in second grade, Juan was evaluated  and diagnosed as having a learning disability. Juan’s parents are not  aware of their rights and the basic principles of IDEA that ensure these  rights because special services were not part of the educational system  in their country. Additionally, they do not speak English.

  • As the classroom teacher, what would you be expected to do at the upcoming IEP meeting?  Explain fully.
  • The prominent values in U.S. schools  may be different from the prominent values of culturally diverse  groups. Consider Juan’s background and discuss where cultural  differences may play a role.  Explain three things you may do to help  your communication with Juan’s family and help them feel comfortable at  the meeting and in your classroom.
  • Describe the process that led to Juan being identified as having learning disabilities before testing.

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