Case study essay (eeoc v. convergys customer management group, inc)


EEOC v. Convergys Customer Management Group, Inc



In text citation


Reference:Two (2) to three (3), pages



Case Questions


1.  Do you believe the employer made a good-faith effort to reasonably accommodate the employee? 


2.  Can you imagine other accommodations that may have been considered by the employer to be less disruptive to its three-minute punctuality requirement? From a relative perspective, do you agree with the court that fifteen minutes is a reasonable accommodation at the beginning of the work day and after lunch?  


3.  If increasing the number of special needs parking spaces would have allowed Demirelli to arrive at work on time, should the court have simply required that accommodation as an alternative? Cost was not discussed in this excerpted opinion; but do you think there should be a dollar limit on the price of a reasonable accommodation?


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