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A small surgery center needs your help to create a database. The office manager has identified the following types of data (entities): patients, doctors, procedures and appointments using the following business rules:

  • Patients can have many doctors and many doctors can see many patients.
  • Patients can have many procedures and many procedures are done on patients.
  • Doctors can have multiple appointments. (hint: these are many to many relationships, so associative tables need to be added).


  1. Please identify the attributes and primary keys needed for each of the entities.
  2. Identify the data types you would use for each of the attributes.
  3. Determine the relationships between the entities and find the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
  4. Create an ER diagram using Visio include the associative tables based on your analysis.
  5. Identify all foreign keys needed in the database design.
  6. Create the database and relationships in Access and populate the tables using the spreadsheets (unless your Professor wants you to type the data into the tables).
  7. Write a 1-3-page APA paper discussing the following topics:
    1. Discuss Database impact on the workplace,
    2. Discuss database benefits when businesses use queries,
    3. Forms, and reports.
    4. Discuss at least two security concerns should be discussed with a proposed solution to mitigate the security issues.

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