Case study analysis-new york time case

 Please find attached Newyork time case and answer 


1. Summarize the relevant points 

2. Summarize the business problem / crisis faced by the marketing manager. 

3. Analyze / gain insights from included data. 

4. Describe possible decisions. 

5. Declare what you find to be the best solution / based on the nuances situation, your analysis


 1. Generalize the case to decisions made in competing companies, similar industries, or completely different sectors of the economy. 

2. Prognosticate the future for this kind of case in the future.

 3. Make some determination about how changes in the social, political, legal, or technological sphere will affect this industry or the decision faced. 

4. Write from the experience of your own experiences in industry.

Analyze the case study and answer these questions along with required components and “GOOD BECOMES GREAT” components

1. Is the paywall working? 2. How would you evaluate the current paywall compared with the two prior ones? Do you think it is appropriately designed compared with the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal? 3. Why are newspapers in trouble? What is the goal of The New York Times in creating the paywall? 4. Should The New York Times actively manage its transition from print to digital? 5. Does the paywall seem like a good strategy for newspapers in general? 

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