Carefully review and ensure you understand the discussion board

Carefully review and ensure you understand the Discussion Board Guidelines and Directions.docx before attempting this assignment.

In the discussion board, copy, paste, then answer the questions listed in bold from the prompt below.


After reading the Title IX and Becky Hammon articles (4 articles and one document in total), what are your thoughts about Becky Hammon’s team decision?  Should she have been allowed to do this in order to follow her dreams? 

Watch the 1 minute commercial below.

Title IX has helped female athletes to have some equality toward achieving their dreams, but it hasn’t been perfect. List one area of improvement and one positive that Title IX has brought to you or your sport. 

What were some of the reasons given before Title IX that women shouldn’t compete in sport? 

While we have discussed this some during our class time covering the modern Olympic Games, what are three (out of many) modern barriers that women have experienced in sport? How could these issues be improved or eliminated? 

How might we look forward to the future, considering what we learned about Title IX, as equality is found for transgender athletes, ethnic and cultural minorities, and those with disabilities?

While you should cite the articles in your point to do this, also include additional reputable sources found on the Internet.

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