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The career development process for public managers encompasses the various topics of strategic planning, budgeting/finance management, administrative functions, intergovernmental relations, and policy implementation. Besides the management of people and processes, career development also includes managing and resolving unexpected workplace or community events. Using the case study format below, you will examine a current or past event that has public implications. A few examples include police and community relations, quality of public utility services, and community recovery from weather-related events.

Using appropriate APA format, provide a five-page (minimum) case study analysis detailing the development, implementation, and resolution of a past or current event that has public administration implications. The title and reference pages do not count towards the three pages of writing. You are required to use at least two scholarly sources to support your work.

Your case study must include the following components:

  • title page,
  • introduction (briefly describe case highlights),
  • executive summary (consolidate scenario, principal points, and findings),
  • scenario background,
  • list key stakeholders and supporting figures/organizations,
  • analysis (identify viable options, pros and cons aspects),
  • recommendations (solution identification and justification),
  • conclusion (results and implications), and 
  • references.

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