C++ swapit function program | Computer Science homework help

Write a program and flowchart. You should have a function called “swapIt()” that is passed two integers by address.  The function should define a third local variable.  Use the third variable as a intermediate variable and swap the values of both integers passed, sothat when control is returned to the calling function, the values are swapped.  

Here is what the output looks like.

Please write the code itself (with correct punctuation I.e parenthese, semi colon, backslashes etc) not the final answer as pictured below. Must be in C++ format and able to be run in Microsoft Visual Studio.  Microsoft word, notepad or a snippet of the code are all okay with me, I don’t mind retyping it. Please also use the variables given below (Oldpay, 1000, Newpay 2000).

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