Business ethics:am i walking my ethical talk? / managing a diverse

Follow PART 1 & 2  and answer the questions with citation and reference NO PLAGIARISM. 


On p. 280 of the text, the authors present a series of questions to ask yourself whether you are asks you to consider how you discuss the ethical implications the ethical implications of your work: 

-Do I talk about the ethical implications of decisions with the people who report to me as well as with the job candidates I’m interested in hiring?

– With my peers? 

-With my manager?

-How would you pose this question in a discussion with your manager? 

Read the short case,

Suppose that your Vice President to whom you report at Secure Bank calls you to his office and tells you to select a male member of your team to replace Julie on your sales team.

In your initial post, describe your course of action and you rationale for choosing this course (Business Ethnics). 



Trevino, L.K., & Nelson, K.A. (2014).  Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (6th ed.). NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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