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Written Assignment

Persuasive Email Based on Newspaper Article


Choose a political issue from a recent news story (e.g. Wall Street Journal, New York Times,, which you think will have the greatest impact on business in the coming year. Write an email (limit 300 words) to your boss at ABC Consulting in which you:

Summarize the article in your own words

Properly cite the article when summarizing 

Persuade your boss that this political issue is going to have the greatest impact on business in the coming year

Close with a “call to action”, i.e. what do you want (i.e. a meeting,  permission to delve further, to present at a meeting etc.)


To summarize a document with the intent of using it to persuade someone to take action

To persuade by using summary as evidence that action should be taken

To close with an “ask” that is clear and actionable 


One email written to the boss of no more than 300 hundred words and no less than 200 words

Copy of the article uploaded with the email or a link referenced inside the email

Use email formatting  (see below but do not type in the box. )

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