Business analytics for nedbank | Marketing homework help


Deborah Fenton, head of business analytics in the business banking unit, developed an AI tool as part of the digital transformation of Nedbank Group in South Africa.  She engaged her clients through a design thinking approach to developing and testing the tool.  She needed to convince the executive committee to invest capital in the idea based on how the initiative supported the bank’s strategic direction and its digital strategy.

  1. What were the external drivers of the adaptive challenge that Nedbank was facing? 
  2. What were the internal drivers of the adaptive challenge that Nedbank was facing? 
  3. Design Thinking is about understanding the needs of the client, and testing and learning to adapt the approach based on data.  What were the major steps in the “journey map” of the business Managers as they worked to serve their external clients?  
  4. What was the major client need identified through market research, and how did technology support the business managers in serving their clients? 
  5. How did Fenton engage the business managers in the design thinking process to understand their needs and gain their acceptance of the use of the AI tool? 
  6. How did Fenton adapt the use of the AI technology, and what was the data that informed the adaptation?       
  7. Who was Fenton’s change champion in the business?  Using the concept of Adaptive Space, describe what made this person effective?  

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