Bus340 期末 。write a brief and complete answer.

answer following case problem and write a brief.

1.   Riki, the owner of Simply Sushi, is a sole proprietor. What are the chief characteristics, advantages,  and  disadvantages  of  this  form  of  business  organization?  Riki  wants  to obtain additional capital to expand Simply Sushi, but she does not want to lose control of the firm.

 As a sole proprietor, what is her best option to attain these goals?

2. Dairy Co. sells raw cream directly to the public.  Maxwell gets sick after consuming some of Fairy Co.’s raw cream.  Maxwell sues Dairy Co. and argues that the raw cream is  a  “good”  under  the  definition  in  Division  2  of  the  Commercial  Code  (UCC)  and, therefore, the provisions of Division 2 apply to the contract.  Dairy Co. argues that the raw cream is not a “good” and, therefore, the common law of contracts applies. 

 Which provisions (of the UCC, or other laws) do you think Maxwell is applying in this case?  Who wins, and why?

3.Samantha is the president of Nummy Foods Corporation, a wholesale grocery company. An  inspection  by  Hugo,  a  government  agent,  uncovers  unsanitary  conditions  in  the company’s  fresh  produce  warehouse  caused  by  Vance,  a  Nummy  Foods  employee. Wilbur,  a  Nummy  Foods  vice  president,  assures  Hugo  that  the  situation  will  be corrected, but a later inspection finds that the warehouse is still unsanitary. Samantha claims that she knows nothing about any of this. 

Can Nummy Foods be convicted of a crime/tort in these circumstances? If so, which crime (or tort)?  Under which law might Samantha be held personally liable?

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