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This week we’ll be looking at solutions in the Buildings sector. Buildings are where we spend most of our time and as such they have a significant impact on our well-being. They are also humanity’s largest creation and use more than half of all of the electricity produced. Heating and cooling air, heating water, and cooking food are some of the biggest energy users in buildings. The Drawdown solutions in this sector are related to enhancing efficiency, shifting energy sources, and addressing refrigerants.

Please watch these two student videos, respond to the three discussion prompts, and do one peer response.

  1. 1. High-performance glass video:

a. Do you know what kinds of windows are on your place of living?b. Do you think that HP glass and innovations like that will change the way our buildings are built in the future? For better? For worse?

2.2.  Green and cool roofs video: Which type of roof (green or cool) do you think is best for a commercial building versus a residential home?  Why?

3. 3. Describe your dream home or favorite building in 20 words or less or with an image (feel free to borrow from the internet). Which green building feature is most important to you and why? (You can see all of the Drawdown building solutions here and learn more about green building features here.)

Supplemental Resources

1. High Performance Glass: Know Types and Applications website

2. – The Industry’s Home Address

3. Energy 101 – Cool Roofs (2 minute video)

4. World Green Building Council website

5. US Green Building Council – LEED rating system website

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