Building credibility | English homework help

Read the following sections in preparation for this assignment:

  • “Building Credibility” in CEL Ch. 18, Developing Voice, p. 541-546

This week you are reading and revising your draft of an essay that defines the context for your chosen issue and synthesizes existing perspectives about the issue. One important part of synthesis and definition to consider as you write your draft is “credibility”: specifically, the tone and language you use to acknowledge other perspectives.

quill icon-01.png Assignment:

Respond to the following questions in a 1-2 paragraphs of at least 200 words.

Of the following qualities of “credibility,” which is the hardest for you as a writer?

  • Drawing on Experience
  • Arguing, Conceding, and Qualifying
  • Avoiding Harsh Description
  • Talking with, Not Arguing at, Readers
  • Applying Rogerian Argument
  • Creating Reasonable Tone

Which of these qualities is best represented in your writing?

In your response, make sure that you explain the qualities of “credibility” you are addressing (i.e. “harsh description”). Refer specifically to passages from the CEL and to your own writing in order to illustrate your ideas.  Submit your response to this assignment.

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