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Topic: Managing trust and communication in global teams is crucial to success for you as a manager and for the company

Daniel Chinn would tell all the managers in the on-boarding experience that surveys of CEOs today will tell you that the two most important, and the two most difficult, management tasks when it comes to leading successful virtual global teams is trust and communication.  He himself would say he still struggles with this and he has led many global teams. Of the jobs you could possibly fill for the company, all will have the global team building as a crucial part of leading. Despite the lack of technology being used in production, Chinn realizes that the quality control of the products and personal attention to their production makes the overall products more appealing to customers than those methods used in China or other production sites. He would like to develop a team that will analyze those factors that work well in VMI and how they could be implemented in other divisions of the company. He would like the first team to begin with Shanghai and Richmond workers. Chinn is tasking all the new managers to detail in a five slide PowerPoint presentation how they would approach creating the team and preparing the team members for the first meeting, so that the groundwork would be laid for setting the team up to trust and collaborate with each other going forward.


1. By SATURDAY, complete the following:

  • Create a PowerPoint outline that addresses the points below.
  • Identify best practices for creating trust in a virtual, cross-cultural team environment.
  • Identify best practices for communicating in a virtual, cross-cultural team environment.
  • Detail at least three things that can be done with or for the team members at the first meeting or in preparation for the meeting that will implement the best practices. Explain why and how they will work.
  • Be sure to consider our readings on teaming and cross-cultural values as explained in the following resources: Geert Hofstede’s typology on national cultural dimensions; and Beyond Intractability’s database on cross-cultural communications ( and behaviors (
  • You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

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