Blog 6 | American history homework help

For this week’s discussion blog assignment, please answer the following questions in at least 300 words minimum:

1) According to the documentary, what historical events led up to the Occupation of Wounded Knee?

2) Alternatively, what led to the ending of the Occupation of Wounded Knee, according to the documentary?

3) According to the documentary and the article, what is the historical significance/symbolism of the location in which the Occupation of Wounded Knee took place?

4) According to the documentary, what were the protesters at Wounded Knee hoping to achieve through the Occupation? What were the lasting effects?

5) According to the article, why is Wounded Knee considered a “forgotten Civil Rights movement”?

6) Lastly, please share your thoughts and reactions to both this week’s and last week’s discussions on the Occupations of Alcatraz and Wounded Knee, and the American Indian Civil Rights movement overall.


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