Behavioral health change | Psychology homework help

  Behavioral Health Change 

1. Choose one behavior or habit that has potential negative health consequences [“health-compromising behavior”] My behavioral health change: getting insufficient sleep 

2. Self-monitor the identified behavior or habit for a period of two weeks by keeping a frequency chart of the “health-compromising behavior.” Fatigued, palpitation, fast heart rate due to lack of sleep.

3. Identify antecedent conditions that may serve as triggers for the health-compromising behavior.

4. Identify any likely consequences that may serve to reinforce the health-compromising behavior.

5. Identify an alternative health-enhancing behavior that you can substitute for the health-compromising behavior.

6. Plan a behavior change strategy for eliminating or reducing the health-compromising behavior: getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day 

7.  Self-monitor the problem behavior by sampling the health-compromising behavior at least one day per week for six weeks (every Friday).

8. Evaluate the success (or failure) of your Behavioral Health Change Program. Discuss the possible reasons for the success or failure of your behavioral change effort.

9. At the end of 6 weeks, write and submit a 1-2 page report describing your Behavioral Health Change Program and the results you obtained. Be sure to Include your behavior observation and behavioral change charts. 

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