Ballet or modern dance only! (view the links provided on day 1)

 Two Dance class observation papers are required in this course. All students must copy/paste the assignment into the text window provided. This assignment should be 2-3 full pages in length. Please do not exceed 4 pages as I will not read them beyond 3 pages. The goal of the assignment is to write a concise analytical essay. Scroll down to see the specific Guidelines for this assignment below DANCE CLASS OBSERVATION PAPER GUIDELINES Please note: The 1st paper is only to be written on either Ballet or Modern Dance. Please do not email me asking to write about another dance genre. These are the requirements for this assignment. BEFORE EMAILING ME: Please do not email me asking where to go to observe a class. BE RESOURCEFUL! Check the LBCC schedule of Dance classes for class times and locations online at (Links to an external site.) or inquire about other dance classes in your community at local dance studios or colleges via Internet or by telephone. If you choose to go to a local dance studio or recreational center be sure that the students in the class are over the age of 15. Other options are community colleges in your local area and other university Dance departments. Be resourceful and don′t forget to get permission to observe the class BEFORE attending!! Do not arrive late or leave the class early, as it is disrespectful to the art form. You are required to watch the class in its entirety so clear your schedules! Please be sure to include the name of the instructor, class attended and the location in the introduction of your essay. 1. Turn OFF all cellular phones and paging devices BEFORE entering the Dance studio. 2. No food or drink is allowed in the Dance studio. 3. Introduce yourself to the instructor and get permission from the instructor to observe the class to complete your assignment prior to the class. 4. Sit quietly and be careful not to obstruct the view of the instructor/dancers/musicians in the class. 5. Take notes on the structure of the Dance class that you have chosen to observe. a. Describe the formation of the dancers at the beginning, middle and end of the class. b. Describe the etiquette of the class and the attire worn by the dancers. c. Relate what you see visually in regards to movement vocabulary in the class to the chapters in the text. d. How does the class progress technically from beginning to end. e. How does the music affect the movement style and personality of the dancers. f. Use terminology and reference movement that you have learned about in the lecture readings and video materials. g. Discuss any new awareness that you discover as a result of your observation. h. How did the class end. 

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