Aviation (airline) consumer protection act provides regulations and


I need a medium length essay(1500 words) on two key legal issues affecting the Arline industry and the influence of those issues on the industry. The essay that I am writing in a much larger essay and I only need your help for a portion of it. In the essay that you write you can focus only on the legal issues and legal analysis. You do not need to provide context of the industry because that will come in other parts of the broader essay. I do not need the completed essay in two days, but before you get started I would like to see if you could provide me with a list of a few issues and impacts on industry that you could possibly write about so that I can pick two and then you can write the paper on those two issues. 

Does this make sense? 


– Introduction on industry and regulatory scheme 

– Industry and Regulation analysis

– LEGAL ANALYSIS ( This is the part that I need help with) 

– Stakeholder analysis 

– Conclusion

I need to provide a couple of bullet points on the two issues that I have selected and how they affect the industry (very short description) by Thursday, but I can get the actual essay by Sunday.. if that works for you.

Issue # 1

The Airport Security Safety Act directs the FAA to develop and implement better airport security technology. However, legal issues and challenges could arise from approval by the FAA of the use of new and more invasive passenger screening technologies under consideration

Issue #2 

Aviation (Airline) Consumer Protection act provides regulations and laws regarding how the airlines treat their passengers (i.e Travel convenience) 

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