Attractiveness/cosmetics | Education homework help

 The research proposal must include an abstract, introduction, methods and discussion section. The introduction and discussion should include reference to prior studies about attractiveness/cosmetics. The proposal is surrounded around me designing my own experiment that will not actually be carried out. It is surrounded around identifying a research question and creating an experiment to investigate it. A report then needs to be written describing the experiment that has been planned, the statistical analyses that i plan to carry out, and what can be concluded from the different potential outcomes. Here is an outline of how the report should be: Abstract  Main aims and/or hypotheses of the study  Who the participants will be  The design and measures to be used  Possible/expected outcomes and/or what we would conclude from them (there can be more than one possible outcome) Introduction  A desсrіption of the research question/aims of the project  Relevant background information, such as previous research findings relevant to study  Scientific justification for the study, e.g. how the proposed research leads on from previous literature or fills a gap  Clearly stated hypotheses or possible outcomes that you will be testing for  Potential benefits to society Methods  Participants (e.g., number, age, gender, ethnicity)  Research design and variables  Materials/stimuli/apparatus  Procedure  Discussion of ethical issues Make sure you have clearly explained how the methods address the research question. Analysis Strategy  Which desсrіptive statistics will be used  Which statistical test(s) will be used  Desсrіption of all the steps in the analysis from raw data to statistical tests  What different outcomes of the experiment/analysis might conceivably occur  What you would conclude from each potential outcome Research Proposal should contain no more than 2,000 words (not including the abstract, references, tables, figures, or cover sheet). 

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