Atomic bomb research presentation planning worksheet assignment- due

Project regarding the atomic bomb (putting it all together)

Complete the worksheet attached

Complete the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet, in which you will discuss your potential multimedia presentation for Project 3.

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to brainstorm for and plan your Multimedia Presentation that you will create for Project 3. 

You have the choice of three tools to use for your presentation—Prezi, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word. 

In this presentation, you will choose one of these tools, brainstorm your opinions and observations on the creation and value of historical inquiry as it relates to the work you have done on your first two projects, and plan out text, visual, and audio elements to articulate these ideas to an audience in an engaging manner.

To complete this assignment, in the first part of the worksheet, you will brainstorm your ideas. In the second part of the worksheet, you will plan the text, visuals, and audio for your presentation slides.

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