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As Bergstrom and West point out, partisan news is a significant problem because it leads to an echo chamber where one point of view becomes deafening and others are rarely heard. In this discussion board, you’ll test their claim by reviewing coverage of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial by looking at how a center-left and center-right news site covered the event. 

Remember, discussion boards require you to make a post and then respond to two classmates later.


Post (Your post has three parts. Develop each in at least one paragraph)

  1. Review the titles of the articles on CNN and Fox News from 2/13/2021 about Trump’s impeachment. Write a paragraph discussing any patterns you see. (Pay particular attention to wording that slants the message one way or another.)
  2. Select one article from Fox and another from CNN published on 2/13/2021 about the impeachment. (If possible, have the articles be about the same part of the impeachment, for instance, Trump’s post immediately following the vote.) Write a one-paragraph summary for each article.
  3. Select one of the articles you summarized in step two and apply Bergstrom and West’s technique of “triangulation.” Be sure to check the article’s claims against at least one right- and one left-leaning media outlet.  What points do all the sources agree about? What do they disagree about? Can any of these disagreements be settled by looking up the facts? Which of these differences cannot be settled definitively? Write a paragraph explaining some of your findings and explain if you think triangulation is a viable strategy.

Make sure each paragraph is clearly marked.

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