Assignment: advising international technology innovation | Ph.D in IT


Please develop a short paper describing how you would advise a CEO for a foreign (not of your ethnic background and not the US) to adopt a new software tool for personnel management.  The software was developed in the US. 

1.  Designate your country of choice

2.  Discuss nuances that your chosen country has with business (conduct research)

3.  Discuss pros and cons with doing business with US companies from your chosen country’s point of view (conduct research)

4.  What would be your approach to convince the CEO?

Evaluation criteria:

a)  Minimum of 2000 words.

b)  Minimum of 3 relevant, significant sources

c)  Captured nuances of the country of choice

d)  Solid pros & cons of doing business from country’s point of view

e)  Solid advice to CEO concerning approach to this innovation

f)  APA formatting with solid grammatically context and doctorate level writing

Please submit as a MS Word document only.

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