Assignment 2 (victomolgy) | Criminal homework help

Chapter 1: Measuring and Understanding Violence

Chapter 2; Victimization Theory

Assignment Type: Canvas

Due Date: July 10, 2022

Points Possible: 100 Project Duration: 12-14 hours

Deliverable Length: 3pages

 answer each question in 200 words or more

  1. Explain why only some violent crimes are reported to the police. What factors determine whether a crime is reported?
  2. Provide a discussion that explains why some people are more fearful of crime than others. What impact if any does the media have in promoting the fear of crime?
  3. Identify and explain the five victim categories offered by Sellin and Wolfgang.
  4. Explain the culture of victimization and whether or not victimization is misrepresented or overstated; explain your position.

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