Assignment 13 javafx application – runningman

CS 1181

Assignment 13




Liang Chapter 15

Moodle: Forms, Events, and Animation


JavaFX Application – RunningMan


Create a JavaFX application named to animate a man running laps.  The man should run from left to right until the edge of the window is reached.  The man should then begin running in the opposite direction.




Running from left to right

Running from right to left




There are 12 images that you should download from Moodle for the application.  There are 6 images of the man running to the right and 6 running to the left.


The image dimensions are 132 X 107


Extra Credit


·        Display a lap counter


·        Use buttons to start and stop the animation


Name the Java Class:  RunningMan



Grading Rubric


·        Correct File Name ( – case sensitive

·        Correct Class Name (RunningMan) – case sensitive

·        Correct Style – comments

·        Correct Style – indentation

·        Correct Style – White Space

·        Free of syntax errors

·        Image array with runner images loaded

·        Timer to set image change intervals

·        Handler class to implement timer intervals

·        Handler class changes images to emulate running

·        Handler class moves images to right until edge is reached

·        Handler class changes images when moving left

·        Handler class moves images to left until edge is reached

·        Handler class changes images when moving right

·        Extra Credit

o   Start Button to play the animation

o   Stop Button to stop the animation

o   Lap counter to display number of laps




Upload the source code file( using your Moodle account for the course into “Assignment 13 Submission”