Artificial intelligence | Law homework help


1) What is artificial intelligence(AI)?

2) How is artificial intelligence being used in business? What are the advantages of using AI; which types of software are businesses using; in what capacity are they using AI?

3) Find an example of a company using AI, summarize. how that company uses AI?

4) How will AI impact the employment landscape i.e will you need to learn AI to get a job; do you have to be proficient in it or at least be aware of how AI is being used?

5) One article should be about how AI is being used in the legal system and or by law firms/attorneys.  How do law firms use AI?  Will AI take over the job of an attorney; if not, what skills will attorneys need in the future in the field of AI?

Grading scheme:

20 points-Three sources

10 points-MLA format

50 points- Content, substantive analysis of the questions asked above.

20 points-Grammar/Spelling.

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