Are you available to do assignment due 4/19/16 at 1130 am eastern

Requirements: apa format cover page ,12 font double space ,cites references 

Please use information thatis provided to complete asignment use resources and required class texbook resourcesthat are provided.

Learning about your own identity can be a powerful tool for recognizing how you make meaning of the world around you. For professionals who work with young children and their families, this is especially important because of the profound influence—intentional or otherwise—their attitudes and actions can have on both children and adults.

For this assignment, think about your own identity. In Chapter 1 of Diversity in Early Care and Education, Gonzalez-Mena (2008, p. 9) shares, “I was surprised to discover that I have a culture. I, like everyone else move within a cultural framework every minute of the day. That framework is influenced by and includes what are called attributes of culture…My life is influenced by my:

  • Race- african amercian /indain mixed
  • Gender- female
  • Age-51
  • Abilities and disabilitiesas  -Ablities to perform task of teaching and tutoring preschool childrn aes 2-5 able to do cosmetology hair as sid hobby and trade 
  • Language- english
  • Social class, including status and economic level- middle class socail status 
  • Ethnicity and national origin- National orgin Afrian amercain indain mixed race 
  • Religion and/or spiritual practice-or apostolic faith Religligion non denomination  
  • Original geographic location of my family, where I grew up, and present location (if different)-groew up in charlotte N.C
  • Sexuality, including sexual orientation”-Female sexual orientation is like/ atracted to men only!


How is your life influenced by these attributes?

Write at least 2 pages describing your identity in terms of these attributes of culture. Comment on how it feels to reflect on your own identity in this way, noting insights that may influence the way you view families and children whose cultural frameworks differ from yours.

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