Apply: access 2016 assignment 1

Due Wednesday by 11:59pm

  • Points 20
  • Submitting a file upload

Access Assignment 1
Save your files. Printing is not required.
Upon completion, compare your results to the project results shown in the text and to the Answer Keys provided in the Canvas Modules. Attach all required files to this assignment and submit.


Skills for Success custom BIT 25 text


Microsoft Access 2016

Files needed from download Student Data Files:

acc01_PermitsData (Excel)

Book pages:


Files to submit (with your own name)

Submit TWO files:

Lastname_Firstname_acc01_Permits (Access file)

Lastname_Firstname_acc01_PermitsData (Excel file)

Answer Key:

See Answer Key module in Canvas and image on page 339 of the textbook.

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