Answer these 10 quiz questions with full sentences and answers


answer these 10 quiz questions with full sentences and answers 

1-  what was the original purpose of software engineering process models and have-they been successful ?

2-  Whish process model would you use when a problem is well defined and the software needs to be of high quality and is not deadline driven? Why?

3-  Explain the main differences between the waterfall model and the incremental model.

4-  Explain the role of a prototype in any process model.

5-  Explain why it may not be advisable to extend a prototype into the production system.

6-  What process model would you recommended when your management demands fixed-budget development? Why?

7-  If you were putting a system development project out to bid, what would be reasonable CMMI level to specify as a minimum requirement? Why?

8-  Describe the four phases of the spiral model

9-  Explain how the phases of the RUP model relate to the generic process activities of software engineering.

10- Explain Deming’s approach to process improvement.

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