Answer questions with support from text

Answer the following questions in a clear and organized paragraph.  Each paragraph should include a clear and precise thesis (1-2 sentences) that directly addresses the question prompt, at least 1 direct quote from the materials of the course, and at least 5-7 sentences or more that analyze the direct quotes and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.

1.  Plato’s analogies of the sun and the divided line fit together to form a coherent picture of Plato’s epistemology and metaphysics.  Explain this model by using as many details from the text as you can.

2.  In Meditation II, Descartes uses the example of a piece of wax to argue that even physical things must be understood with the mind and not the senses.  Explaining his reasoning on this point.

Each question is worth 25 points:

Thesis (5 points): One or two sentences that directly answer the short-answer question.  This is your thesis.

Quote(s) from course material (5 points): Give a least one direct quote from the course material that proves your thesis.

Evidence (15 points): Analyzing the direct quote(s) and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.

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