Anna….assessment data to guide practice

Consider the following data for “Anna Smith” as a frame of reference for this assignment: You are an educator that has collected assessment data on a child, Anna Smith, in your program or classroom and now must create a curriculum plan based on the assessment data. Next, review the Week Three Instructor Guidance for additional help with this assignment and review the multimedia resources for Anecdotal Records, theRating Scale, and the Checklist. Finally, use the instructions below to guide your creation of your curriculum plan for Anna Smith based on the assessment data in the resources. Remember to review the Grading Rubric associated with this assignment to understand how you will be evaluated. It is recommended you use the labels below as headings throughout your writing to organize sections (Tip: These would all be APA level-one headings.)



Remember, this plan is to be in the form of a 2-3 page Word document that includes the following:

  1. Introduction: Write a brief introduction that informs the reader of the topic of the assignment and its organization. Remember, an effective essay introduction tells the reader what you will discuss in your paper.
  2. Assessment Observations: Describe the observations that you made from the data using several examples from the assessments (1-2 paragraphs).
  3. Child Observations: Describe the strengths and areas of opportunity (i.e., weaknesses) for the child based on the assessment data (3-4 paragraphs).
  4. Short-Term Goal: Explain three specific instructional decisions for a short-term goal for the child based on the data analysis (3-4 paragraphs).
  5. Long-Term Goal: Explain one specific long-term goal for the child based on the data analysis (1-2 paragraphs).
  6. Conclusion: Write a short conclusion that informs the reader of the main points from the assignment. Remember, an effective essay conclusion summarizes what you have discussed in your paper. 

Writing Tips:

  • Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment, which includes citations in the body of the assignment, the title page, and references list.
  • Remember to reference three scholarly sources in addition to Jaruszewicz text (so four total).
  • Remember your paper is to be two-to-three pages, not including the title and references pages.

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