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Question 1
1. The criteria for sales evaluations have changed to include customer satisfaction, profit contribution, and customer retention as measures of success. This change was motivated by:
1. complaints from upper-level management about the cost of commission-based compensation programs.
2. an increasingly long-term orientation that results from greater quality management and customer relationship building efforts.
3. difficulty recruiting competent employees because of the variability of sales personnel’s compensation.
4. reluctance to encourage sales personnel to develop new accounts.
2 points  
Question 2
1. The process of qualifying a sales prospect:
1. is the task of making sure that the prospect really is a potential customer.
2. involves making the initial contact with the prospect.
3. is used more frequently by retail salespersons than it is by wholesalers’ and manufacturers’ sales representatives.
4. involves gathering information about the prospect to make initial contact go more smoothly.
2 points  
Question 3
1. It is not uncommon for magazine publishers to run multiple print jobs of the same magazine, where each job contains changes in advertising copy to suit the target market requirements of various advertisers. These magazines are then sent to the regions appropriate for the advertising content contained within. In trade terms, the publisher creates _____ of the magazine.
1. exception runs
2. monthly issues
3. circulation exceptions
4. split runs
2 points  
Question 4
1. The potential lifetime value of a long-term customer makes the follow-up step in the sales process an important one.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 5
1. Sampling produces a _____ response rate and is also _____ expensive than other consumer promotion techniques.
1. higher; more
2. higher; less
3. lower; more
4. lower; less
2 points  
Question 6
1. The part of the sales process consisting of identifying potential customers is called:
1. classifying.
2. screening.
3. prospecting.
4. exploring.
2 points  
Question 7
1. In recent years, the use of advertisements based on fear appeals has diminished as the result of public disdain for these types of ads.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 8
1. All of the following are characteristics of a corporate culture that encourages ethical behavior except:
1. employees understand what is expected of them.
2. managers lead by example.
3. management focuses only on sales and profits.
4. open communication exists between employees and managers.
2 points  
Question 9
1. The newest trends in television advertising include banner logos, streaming headlines that run across news and sporting events, and mini-commercials that air before a consumer can change the channel.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 10
1. The AIDA concept refers to the steps in:
1. promoting a product.
2. the consumer purchase decision process.
3. distributing a product.
4. the development of an IMC program.
2 points  
Question 11
1. There are three general questions a manager should ask when evaluating sales personnel. Which statement below is not one of the three questions?
1. What are the employee’s weak points?
2. What are the employee’s strong points?
3. Where does the employee rank relative to the predetermined standards?
4. Where does the employee rank relative to other sales personnel within the industry?
2 points  
Question 12
1. As long as marketers carefully choose their advertising slogans and images, targeted customers will encode the message easily and consistently.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 13
1. An integrated marketing communications strategy begins with:
1. isolating and eliminating non-promotional contacts between the consumer and the organization.
2. separating the parts of the promotional mix into categories based on the media that is being utilized.
3. consumer wants and needs and works in reverse to the product, brand, or organization.
4. the realization that different components of promotion should deliver different messages to their target audiences.
2 points  
Question 14
1. An advertisement should become a complementary part of the marketing mix with a carefully determined role in the total marketing strategy.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 15
1. Which group of activities is not considered to be a form of sales promotion?
1. Coupons, rebates, sweepstakes
2. Telemarketing, publicity, home shopping channels
3. Trade shows, product demonstrations, displays
4. Limited-time discounts on consumer products and services
2 points  
Question 16
1. The radio advertisements for Archer Daniels Midland state that the company is the “supermarket to the world.” This is considered to be _____ advertising.
1. product
2. informative
3. corporate
4. institutional
2 points  
Question 17
1. One of the advantages of the direct mail medium is that:
1. it offers the ability to reach a broad target market.
2. there is less chance of being mislead by the message or source of the message.
3. response rates are measurable and higher than those of other types of advertising.
4. the per-reader cost is less expensive than other types of advertising.
2 points  
Question 18
1. Successful relationship selling is based on keeping prices low.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 19
1. A customer shopping at Sports Authority for new running gear is assisted by a salesperson in the shoe department. This type of sales channel is called inside sales.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 20
1. Comparing the amount spent on network television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, rank the following from highest to lowest:
1. Network television, newspapers, magazines, radio
2. Newspapers, network television, magazines, radio
3. Newspapers, network television, radio, magazines
4. Network television, newspapers, radio, magazines
2 points  
Question 21
1. Marketers aim to create advertisements that are more likely to experience “zapping” by the television remote control or clicking by a mouse.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 22
1. Advertisements are designed to inform, persuade, and remind the target market to which they are directed.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 23
1. Merrill Lynch advertises its investment services in TV commercials, radio ads, and interstate billboards. All three of these formats are considered broadcast media.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 24
1. A local newspaper is doing a special interest story on the growth of entrepreneurial business within the community. Each week an article featuring a different business owner and his or her success story will be published. This type of activity would be considered _____ for the business owners.
1. marketing public relations
2. nonmarketing public relations
3. sales promotion
4. publicity
2 points  
Question 25
1. When a potential customer expresses doubt or disagreement with the sales presentation, the salesperson needs to handle the _____ in a professional and informative manner.
1. opposition
2. objection
3. conflict
4. question


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