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Create an activity diagram of the Request For Proposal (RFP)/Proposal interaction between a potential customer and Acme Electric, LLC (Acme).

You are an analyst tasked to create an activity diagram in the analysis phase of an object-oriented analysis and design project. What follows is the interaction between a potential customer and Acme. The activity starts when the potential customer creates and sends an RFP. This activity ends when the potential customer either accepts or rejects Acme’s Proposal and possibly informs Acme of the decision.

You are NOT documenting a system, you are creating an activity diagram for a business process. The business process that you will model using an activity diagram is as follows:

A potential customer (Customer) creates and sends to the owner of Acme (Owner) a Request For Proposal (RFP) which includes an Electrical Drawing (ED) for the proposed work. An ED is an architecture blueprint which only includes the electrical portion of the work.

Owner studies the ED and RFP for the following:

  • Amount and types of electrical materials required
  • Amount and types of special equipment that may be required
  • Amount of labor that may be required
  • Specific dates Customer may have asked for the project to occur
  • Any other information that Customer may have included in the RFP

Owner sends to his supply person (Supply) a:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • special equipment list

For both lists, Supply enters the wholesale price and availability of each item. The gathering of data for each list is not dependent on the other for completion and return. Supply obtains the information for the BOM either from stock on-hand or electrical supply vendors, completes the form, and returns the BOM to the Owner. Supply obtains the special equipment information from equipment vendors, completes the form, and returns the special equipment list to Owner.

Owner checks his crews’ calendars for availability during the time period that the customer has requested.

After Owner has gathered all the information, Owner decides on a proposal price. Owner prepares a proposal and sends it to Customer.

If Customer likes the proposal, they sign it and return it to Owner. If Customer does not like the proposal, they either ignore it or inform the owner of the decision.

– UML state/activity

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