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Academic Integrity

This writing assignment provides you with the opportunity to explain the topics of academic integrity such as fair use, the TEACH Act, and copyright compliance. Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review the lesson materials.

Review the materials from this week.

Step 2: Locate additional resources.

Using the Ashford library, community, or personal library resources as well as the Internet, locate three additional resources describing fair use, the TEACH Act, and copyright compliance.

Step 3: Create a Handout.

Create a one page document that presents an overview of fair use, the TEACH Act, and copyright compliance. Imagine that you are an online instructor and this is something you would hand out to your students to inform them of these academic integrity topics. Use a minimum of 3 reliable resources in the creation of your table using proper APA formatting. Go beyond just listing bullet points. Be creative in your design and layout of the handout.  Create something that will “grab” your student’s attention.

You have several options for a handout, including an option to create an Infographic. Here are some examples of Infographics:

Here are some Web 2.0 tools that you may wish to use for an Infographic:

Be sure to APA cite your images somewhere in your document. Again, here is a link that describes citing images:

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