Abbreviated quantitative research plan overview


Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan



Read the attached articles as literature review and fill the template document. 

For this unit’s assignment, you will develop and submit a two-part abbreviated research plan (ARP). This research plan defines a quantitative research study based on a restricted set of research papers that have been provided to you in this course.

This ARP mirrors many of the components of the full dissertation research plan (DRP) that you will develop to guide your dissertation research at Capella. A research plan is a brief overview of the key components of a planned research study, and the School of Business and Technology (SoBT) has adopted a process and resources to support the development of the DRP. The purpose of this abbreviated research plan is to build quality into the dissertation process by getting this “DNA” right before launching into developing a complete DRP. Experience suggests that if the DNA is right, the DRP comes together much more easily, is more likely to be internally consistent, and requires less rework. For more information, visit the SoBT Research Plan Review Process page linked in Resources.

Part 1 of the ARP includes the foundation for your study, while Part 2 describes some of the details needed to carry out your research study. While a complete DRP relies on an extensive literature review consisting of at least 75 peer-reviewed articles from the relevant research literature, your ARP will be based on a limited set of articles provided to you by your instructor.

For this assignment, you should define an appropriate quantitative research project based on the supplied literature. Except where noted, you should base your ARP solely on the articles that you have been provided in this course.

Assignment Objectives

To complete this assignment successfully, you will be expected to:

  • Describe the first seven key components of the ARP.
  • Describe an overall research approach or design and the rationale for the selection.
  • Describe the literature, including all of the articles that you have been provided.
  • Describe the data collection sources, selection plan, and proposed interview questions.
  • Describe the key components of the data analysis plan and the rationale for their selection.
  • Describe the contributions to theory or practice and their significance.
  • Describe ethical issues specific to this study and methods to address those issues.
  • Communicate effectively and follow APA formatting guidelines throughout.


  • Demonstrate that you have connected the proposed study to the literature that has been provided by appropriately citing and referencing the key scholarly works, and be sure that you demonstrate all three levels of presenting the literature, as discussed in Reviewing the Literature.
  • Use the template linked in Resources to complete this assignment. Include your name at the top of page 1.
    • Confirm that the individual components in the template are aligned with each other. This is particularly important with respect to alignment with the statement of the problem or opportunity, your research questions, research design, and your data collection methods..
  • Submit your paper and completed research plan template to your instructor in the assignment area—this preserves the integrity of your work.

Keys to Success

In successfully completing this project, you will:

  • Analyze the provided research literature.
  • Describe the opportunity, purpose, and theoretical framework.
  • Explain sources, measurement, and the data collection plan.
  • Describe significance and contributions of your proposed research.
  • Explain ethical considerations.
  • Provide main and supporting points that are easily identifiable, plausible, sophisticated, insightful, and clear.
  • Include a structure that is clearly evident, understandable, and appropriate.
  • Provide cited and referenced evidence to buttress main points; demonstrate the project has excellent integration of quoted material.
  • Demonstrate your analysis shows depth, creativity, crispness, sound logic, and clarity in relating evidence to main and supporting points and in anticipating counterpoints.

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