A midsummer night’s dream marketing & casting design project

PART ONE: MARKETING Select one of the following marketing materials and create a digital design / presentation for your own adaptation of Midsummer: ➢ Production Poster ➢ Promotional Event Flyer ➢ Ticket Design ➢ Playbill / Program PART TWO: CASTING Select ten of the following characters to cast in your own stage or screen adaptation of Midsummer (classical style or contemporary): ➢ Theseus ➢ Hippolyta ➢ Egeus ➢ Hermia ➢ Demetrius ➢ Helena ➢ Lysander ➢ Oberon ➢ Titania ➢ Robin Goodfellow/Puck ➢ Peter Quince ➢ Nick Bottom ➢ Francis Flute ➢ Tom Snout ➢ Snug ➢ Robin Starveling PART THREE: GORDON RULE REQUIREMENT Submit a written component of no less than 500 – 750 words explaining your marketing design and justifying each of your individual casting choices. 

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