850 -1000 word essay and 150 word paragraph


· Due: Sat. Sep. 

· Format: Typed, double-spaced, submitted as a word-processing document.
12 point, text-weight font, 1-inch margins.


· Length: 850 – 1000 words (approx. 3-4 pages)


· Overview:  In Unit 1 and Unit 2, we focused on ways that writers build ideas from personal memories and experiences into interesting narratives that convey significance and meaning to new audiences. In Unit 3, we have been discussing how writers invent ideas by interacting with other communities through firsthand observation and description. These relationships and discoveries can give writers insight into larger concepts or ideas that are valuable to specific communities. For this writing project, you will use firsthand observations and discoveries to write about people and the issues that are important to them. Your evidence will come from the details you observe as you investigate other people, places, and events.


Write an ethnography essay focused on a particular group of people and the routines or practices that best reveal their unique significance as a group.

An ethnography is a written description of a particular cultural group or community. For the ethnography essay, you can follow the guidelines in the CEL, p. 110-112. Your ethnography should:

· Begin with your observations of a particular group. Plan to observe this group 2-3 times, so that you can get a better sense of their routines, habits, and practices.

o Note: if you cannot travel to observe a group or community, plan to observe that community digitally through website documents, social media, and/or emails exchanged with group members. 

· Convey insight into the characteristics that give the group unique significance.

· Provide context and background, including location, values, beliefs, histories, rituals, dialogue, and any other details that help convey the group’s significance.

· Follow a deliberate organizational pattern that focuses on one or more insights about the group while also providing details and information about the group’s culture and routine

As you look back over your observations and notes, remember that your essay should do more than simply relate details without any larger significance. Ethnographies also draw out the unique, interesting, and special qualities of a group or culture that help readers connect to their values or motivations. Note: Please keep in mind that writing in this class is public, and anything you write about may be shared with other students and instructors. Please only write about details that you are comfortable making public within our classroom community.

Assignment Components

In order to finish this project, we will work on the following parts together over the next few weeks:

Draft: Include at least one pre-revised draft of your essay. The draft needs to meet the word count of 850 words and must also apply formatting requirements for the project—in other words it must be complete. Make sure that your draft is clearly marked “draft.”

Along with your draft, post a short, 100-200 word paragraph explaining your greatest challenges and most urgent needs as a writer. What parts of your essay are you most eager to have feedback about? 

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