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RESPOND TO THESE DISCUSSION POST BASED ON THE TOPIC “One of the security findings in the gap analysis given in the Case Document was high turnover and low morale among employees. Upon further investigation, you discover that the company does not provide specialized training to bridge special skill gaps, and there is no wellness system in place to help employees keep in physical shape. After completing the assigned readings (The Impact of Rewards Programs on Employee Engagement and How Employee Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings for Your Company), address the following in your initial post:

· List five ideas for a worksite wellness program to help employees improve their stress anxiety, fatigue, and boredom.

· To what extent do you think a wellness program influences employees’ productivity?

· To what extent do you think rewards affect employee performance?

· What strategies do you propose to address lack of knowledge, skills, and abilities?

Then, thoughtfully respond to your classmates. Do you agree with their assessment of a rewards and/or wellness program? Why or why not? Do you have any personal experience to support your opinion?” (TWO (2) PARAGRAPHS EACH WITH REFERENCES ON EACH OF THEM SEPARATELY, 


1.Jon swea 

The items that we use at our office to reduce the low morale and turnover are commissions, healthy PTO collection, set work hours, and active employment in areas of interest. This help leads my team to keep on track with what needs to be done as well as knowing that we care about them. Everyone is given a good salary that people can live off of, and the options to earn extra money by putting in the extra effort. This allows my team to determine how much they would like to work this month or how little. Armed with this choice, the majority choose to put in the extra effort to live more comfortably with the additional income. Tied in with the extra income is the faster-earning rate of PTO. This allows people to break away from work when needed for vacation purposes, appointments, etc. without the concern of being docked pay. The option to change their work schedule also allows my team to lessen the use of PTO for such things as appointments. This option gives those members with kids ability to decrease their costs by being able to take their kids to school and not pay for daycare.

By working as a third party IT company, the team is exposed to a multitude of different problems to resolve on a daily basis. This gives the team the understanding that the work is done each day will vary based on the issues that are called in. By having this variety, you help to lessen the problem of boredom from working the same point over and over again. When we tie in items of interest to the team members, we allow them to expand on the knowledge that they find interesting while increasing the technical awareness of the entire team. When one person learns something new, they tend to show it to others and help them understand the same thing.

With these choices that we as the company have made, we have seen an increase in the work performance from our members while reducing the amount of time that each person is out of the office. If companies take the time to understand and care about their employees, the companies will find that their employees will be more willing to give additional effort in their work. With this extra energy from their employees, you see a want from the people to stick around, and that keeps the morale up and the costs of employee turnover.

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High stress can result in depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse. Moreover, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, insomnia, stomach disorders, hypertension and high blood pressure.

A study published August 2011 in BMC Public Health, Psychosocial Working Conditions and the Utilization of Health Care Services, shows that those with high-stress jobs visited physician’s 26 percent more often than those with low-stress jobs. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work reports that over half of the 550 million working days lost annually in the U.S. from absenteeism are stress-related. It goes on to say that unanticipated absenteeism is estimated to cost American companies $602 per worker per year and the price tag for large employers could approach $3.5 million annually. (2011)

My company uses various programs to improve stress, fatigue and stress. These programs keep employees from being content and complacent. At the phone company, many employees have high seniority only see retirement. Though, many are interested in wellness programs. Our company is focused on prevention to improve the wellness of our employees. We have an aging workforce at the phone company. Periodically, we have wellness drives available such as blood pressure and diabetes screening. A well workforce increases productivity and absenteeism.

Many of our programs have team captains, worksheets to log progress. I participated in a group in my building where we counted steps each week. It was a fun exercise and a stress reliever. We also get a great discount with the nationally known LA Fitness.

1. Chairman’s Fit Bit challenge we log our steps each week and the winners are recognized in company newsletter.

2. We have a program mentoring and job shadow program to allow employees who interested in a different job it’s titled – “Swapopportunities” This will keep employees from being stagnant.

3. We have company call Alliance that’s partnered with the company they have aerobics, line dancing and yoga classes during lunch.

4. We have a company gym, nonetheless the only drawback it’s closed on weekends and at 7pm in the evenings.

5. Meditation rooms are available in all buildings.

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For wellness programs I will look at programs I have seen, and my perception of the impact.

1. Hewlett Packard, circa late 1970’s early 1980’s – Child care was made available on site and fresh fruit bowls were placed around the work areas. The child care program was a resounding success with people working longer hours since if they were in the middle of a project they did not need to run out to make a pick up deadline for the kids, etc. Fruit bowls were popular and seemed to help overall attitude but I don’t know if it made any impact on physical health.

2. US Navy, circa early 1980’s – competition between the different submarines on the waterfront in physical activities (volleyball, handball, racquetball, etc.) Worked out well after Doc started getting people to do warmups first. Quite a few strains and pulled muscles to start.

3. Federal Government (various agencies), currently – time (limited) is given during the workday for physical activity. Partially successful, people that are self-starters already take advantage of it. I think it needs more management encouragement to get some people started.  

4. US Embassy Islamabad Pakistan, currently – Local food producers are invited in once a week to bring fresh items in to sell to the staff. Working very well, menu in the Embassy has changed because of people enjoying the local food were able to get it brought in as a regular menu choice.

5. Erbil Iraq Diplomatic Support Facility, circa 2013-14 – Volleyball every day at lunchtime. Small compound and it became a source of pride that we played every day regardless of the weather (120 degrees to blizzards 7days a week).

One of the most successful reward programs I saw was in the early 1980’s with the US Navy doing “BeneSugg” (Beneficial Suggestions). If a sailor found a product or service that could be obtained at a better price they would submit the recommendation. It would get evaluated to make sure it was equivalent or better than the current product/service and if the Navy was able to adopt it the sailor would get a onetime check for 10% of the annual savings.

My favorite way to address lack of knowledge, skills, and abilities is mentorship. I have found if the program is supported by upper management it has the ability to form a very strong commitment to the mission of the organization and foster a good working environment.  I believe it is also a stress reduction due to the ability to have candid conversations between mentor and person being mentored.


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